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Kielce (with 201 000 inhabitants) is the capital of Świętokrzyskie Voivodship. For many years now it has been a place for investors. In 2013 it was on the final list of Polish cities nominated for the prestigious Poland Outsourcing and Shared Services Award. The location of Kielce, in the central part of the country, creates favorable conditions for the organization of exhibitions and conferences. It is an ideal place not only for domestic companies, but also for the entrepreneurs from the neighboring countries. The Kielce Fair has become the leading development initiator – thanks to their activities, both the city and the Świętokrzyskie region are developing a rich service and business tourism infrastructure.

The economy of the Świętokrzyskie region is based primarily on the mining and building materials industry. Metallurgical, mechanical, precision and food industries also play an important role. In Kielce itself investments are made in the infrastructure supporting scientific and research activities and modernizing urban or regional communication systems. Large-scale investments are being made to increase investment and tourism attractiveness. The construction of the new economy is also supported by the Świętokrzyskie Center for Innovation and Technology Transfer and the incubator of entrepreneurship – Kielecki Technological Park, which brings together dozens of companies involved in the implementation of innovative technologies and solutions in various industries.

Kielce is also an important cultural center. All year round, there are many events that attract thousands of spectators from all over the country. This is where the International OFF Fashion Competition and the International Scout Festival of School Youth Culture take place. The Kadzielnia Amphitheater, a popular venue for concerts and cabaret reviews, is a unique place nationwide.

One of the favorite places in Kielce is Sienkiewicza Street, the main promenade with the historic character and the contemporary commercial functions. The Sienkiewicza promenade was recognized as Poland’s most popular street in the plebiscite of “Your Travels” magazine. The diversity of green areas, numerous parks, squares and scenic hiking trails and bicycle lanes make up the city’s undisputed asset.

Map of Kielce

Driving directions

The air transport in the Świętokrzyskie Voivodship is based on a transport airport located in Masłów near Kielce. The airport is intended for small airplanes, avionics, helicopters, etc. There are 5 airports within 150 km from Kielce and Świętokrzyskie Voivodship. Radom (70 km), Kraków (116 km), Łódź (146 km), Katowice (154 km), Warsaw (181 km), Rzeszow (157 km).

For those traveling by car, Kielce is situated at the intersection of two main roads: the S7 expressway and the 74 national road. Kielce is also very well connected by rail and bus lines with all the major Polish cities.

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